Noises That Mean You Need Home Air Conditioning Repair

When it’s working correctly, your air conditioner will create a soothing, white noise. But if there’s an issue with your AC unit, it may produce an irritating sound.

Keep an ear out for the following sounds from your air conditioning system. If you notice any of these noises, turn to a professional for AC repairs in northeast Ohio.

  • Buzzing: If you hear buzzing coming from your AC unit, this could be because there are loose parts, a buildup of debris, or misaligned fan blades. These are easy fixes, but do not ignore them for too long — you may begin to experience other, more severe issues.
  • Rattling: These sounds often indicate broken motors or loose panels. While you can quickly tighten screws on a panel, fixing broken motors requires the skills of a trained HVAC contractor.
  • Clicking: Thermostats often click when they turn on and off. However, if these clicking sounds become frequent or constant, the thermostat or other AC parts may be failing. You’ll want to have it checked before you’re unable to turn on your system.
  • Hissing: A hissing air conditioner often indicates a leak in the ductwork or the refrigerant line. If the hissing has been going on for a while, you may have noticed that your energy bill increased. Save money and get your AC repaired as soon as possible.

Most times, all you need are simple repairs to your AC system to stop the annoying sounds. Other times, it makes more financial sense to get a new unit altogether. Thankfully, on top of repair services, we also offer AC installation & replacement services. No matter your AC’s diagnosis, Clean Airhas you covered.