The best time to perform regular maintenance on your air conditioning unit is before the summer season begins. If you wait until after the hot weather has arrived, you may find yourself having to wait for repair longer than expected.

Air conditioning maintenance is not only needed in the summer but throughout the year. Many things can go wrong with your air conditioning system. If you notice any issues with your air conditioning unit, it is best to have them repaired before they become too expensive to repair.

You should also make sure that you are keeping your air conditioning unit clean. here are some things to look out for.

1. Air filters – Air filters are necessary to keep your HVAC system running efficiently. They remove particles from the air that can cause damage to your equipment. Filters should be changed regularly to ensure they remain effective.

Coil before and after cleaning

2. Clean coils – Coils are the heat-producing parts of your HVAC unit. They need to be cleaned periodically to prevent them from overheating and causing damage to your unit. This can lead to costly repairs.

3. Ducts – Ducts are the pipes through which air flows throughout your home. They should be inspected regularly to make sure they are not clogged with debris. If ducts become clogged, this could result in poor airflow and higher energy bills.

Neglecting proper maintenance could cause damage to your air conditioning unit. look at our maintenance service plan deals to learn more.