Dryer vent line replacement Shaker Heights, OH

A home seller in Shaker Heights, OH asked us to replace the old damaged flex vent line for the dryer vent in the basement. with a new up-to-code 4″ round vent line. this was part of a point-of-sale violation inspection. Home sellers selling a residential property in Shaker Heights are required to submit the Point […]

Autumn HVAC furnace annual preventative maintenance in Cleveland heights

Here are some tips for this autumn season furnace maintenance. Air filters are essential to keep your home comfortable and safe. If they become clogged, they could cause your furnace to run longer than necessary, causing higher utility bills. You should change your furnace filter at least as often as recommended by the manufacturer. Clean […]

COVID-19 Indoor Air Quality Assistance Program

Don’t lose your free $15,000 grant from the state of Ohio!! Valid only until December 31, 2021!! Calling all Nursing homes, Assisted living/residential care facilities, hospices, and Class 2 and Class 3 residential treatment providers!!! The Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation wants to ensure you have up-to-date HVAC systems with filtration and technology to stop […]